18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Şebnem Ferah - Hoşcakal / Goodbye Lyrics

 I know I love JYJ and international music but when it comes to Sebnem Ferah I can't and won't change her for anything. I simply respect the woman for being "her" in a industry where everyone is fake and plastic. I also love the reality in her lyrics.

 Song name: Goodbye..

While searching for you, i'm tired of losing myself.
Always when i thought i found, i fell apart from myself.
This will be a weird leaving (good-bye)
Because you are inside me indeed
No matter how far I'll go
You are with me in everywhere I go
There is no word to say
I'm leaving..
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,goodbye
I was born into that world like a mare.
Rearing and going is in my soul.
Some water, some grass & everywhere will be my home
I'll carry the world on my back
Every language is my language.

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